Nervous about Networking? Find Your Own Sweet Spot

A lot of information about job searches can be found in the article below. It’s expert advice that is meant to be useful as well as easy to understand, so read it and save it! You can use this with any job search, so reference back whenever you need to.

“During my corporate career I attended a class on “how to show up confident”. It had quite a few tips I don’t remember exactly. But today I remembered it when I noticed that I was feeling very confident and at ease during a networking event. In particular I was standing exactly the way it was taught in that class, standing with the feet in a V-shape and hands on the sides!”…Nervous about Networking? Find Your Own Sweet Spot

Did you learn anything about job searches from reading this? Well, if you want to continue learning even more, then click on the links to related articles below. These are full of more great information that you can utilize to find a great job and make more money.

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