Why You Need a Personal Hashtag Campaign

This job search article is made for anyone who wants to get help with their current or next job search. By reading it you will find that you no longer have to struggle and are more easily able to get the job that you want. It’s an easy read that only takes a few minutes of your time.

“Let’s say you send out dozens of resumes as you look in every direction for a job. Right below your name, you add a personal hashtag (in my case, #dannyrubinportfolio). Also throw that hashtag at the top of cover letters and in your email signature.”…Why You Need a Personal Hashtag Campaign

What you just read is going to make a big difference with the way you search for a job in the future. Even if you don’t need the information right now, it can help you out when you least expect it! If you want more, then check out the links to related articles below.

Take some time to look at these powerful articles regarding job searching

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